Clandestine Early Access on Steam

Clandestine is now available on Steam Early Access!  Come join us, your valuable feedback will help us shape the final game experience.

What is Steam Early Access you say?   It is a stage of game development, where the developers (us) and the player community (that’s you), work together to tune the game experience while Clandestine is still in development.

The official Steam Page explains the method fully. But what Early Access does is it allows developers and players to connect with each other during a game’s development instead of after.   For players it means being the first to try out new games with the opportunity to have discussion and feedback which will help mold the game and then experience the changes as the game develops.

For us as developers it helps connect us with the player community, and receive valuable feedback.   And as we make frequent updates to the Early Access Build, players will get to see how their discussion and feedback are shaping the game experience.  As a thanks for joining us, all of the Early Access participants will receive our game Clandestine at a discounted Early Access price and will receive a DLC for Free!

Come Join us now on the Clandestine Steam Page!